I write this as we are approaching only the fourth month of 2018 and, like many, I’m already looking to be done with this year.  The whirlwind of chaos, bad weather and discouragement does not seem to be moving towards the direction of resolution.  I try to keep in mind that the universe in not static and that whatever goes up must come down at some point.

The planets reflect the chaos or perhaps the chaos represents the planets – however we look at it we can say with certainty that the chaos of change surrounds us.  Jyotish considers Saturn, Mars and the Nodal points of Rahu and Ketu to be malefic influences and at this moment all three of them are prominent in the skies as well as in the chart of the USA.

Rahu which is the North Node of the Moon is the current “dasa” (indicator of the planet which is the primary ruler of “current” time in a chart) of America is Rahu.  This can be looked at as if America has moved to a town known as Rahu.  America will be dancing with Rahu until approximately 2034 and this promises great change along with the victories and losses which accompany change.  The last time the USA was under the influence of Rahu was from 1896-1914 a time which saw many changes for the average working person as well as advances in technology.  (I wrote an article titled “Big Change On the Way” which gave more detail to Rahu’s last dasa. The article can be found on this site.) America’s birth date of 7/4/1776 shows that America was born with Rahu as the dasa ruler.  There are so many indications of America having the mark of Rahu impacted on its destiny – the war for independence, the film industry, technological discoveries, and the appetite for drugs and money are all indications of Rahu.  This third round will bring in even more changes but on a positive note America is also a country that does not fall apart because of Rahu (despite what it may look like right now) because Rahu is deeply imbedded in the “Cosmic DNA” of America.  We will find a way to make the necessary changes.

While being in the town of Rahu gives a certain quality of life just like in any town the neighborhood within the town has a strong influence on one’s experience while living in the town.  We can view the transits as the both the neighborhood and weather patterns influencing life in the town.  These are the influences which affect our daily lives in what can be meaningful ways.  The transits are also the planetary patterns which affect the entire planet.  We are currently not in a great pattern.

In many ways Mars is going to be the king of the planets until the fall, at least, of 2018.  Currently Mars is conjunct Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius.  Whenever Saturn is in Sagittarius (every 28 to 30 years) we observe the breaking down of institutions and we are certainly watching that happen in real time. This will continue until 2020 when Saturn finally enters Capricorn which is the time for greater stabilization. (I do understand that many people believe that Saturn is already in Capricorn.  Saturn in Capricorn brings building up not tearing down as we are witnessing right now.) Mars has been conjunct Saturn since  March 5th  and will remain there until May 3rd.  Whenever Mars the planet of impatience teams up with Saturn the planet of patience there is going to be a conflict within ourselves as well as in the greater world.  Personally, I try to work more with the energy of Saturn because impatience, in general, is non-harmonious.  Since Sagittarius is the Ascendant of the US chart the push and pull of these two planets is causing frustration, anger and in the mentally unstable violence and erratic actions.

Currently, Mars is aspecting the signs of Pisces, Gemini and Cancer.  Pisces is the sign in which Mercury is retrograding until April 15th and currently the Sun is also in Pisces as well.  Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which can cause a basic lack of neutrality and objective thinking.  The Sun, while not unhappy in Pisces, is the ego and can be an impatient influence.  Mars influencing these two planets should be a caution sign for all of us.  People around us can be more difficult than usual, the news can be more dramatic than usual and there can be moments of great energy followed by moments of exhaustion.  It is a time to watch our emotional reactions and pull on whatever tools we have to stay balanced and in good physical health.

Mars is aspecting Gemini which is a Mercury sign.  It is so important to watch our nervous systems and to do something to offset stress levels.  Mars is also aspecting the sign of Cancer which contains the transit eclipse points.  On a physical level this represents the stomach and the foods we eat – this is not the time to try and offset unhappiness by eating poor food as our digestive system will react.  On a personal and relationship level this time period is about common sense, restraint and being kind to ourselves and those in our lives.  Music, movies, exercise, spiritual books and laughter are the best offsets.

Cancer is the sign of home and the general population.  Rahu, the north node, is currently in Cancer and the movement started by the Parkland students is a perfect example of how, as uncomfortable the energy might be, even Mars and Rahu can come together for the greater good.  I do not expect this movement to go away and I do expect it to have an effect on this country because Mars is going to stay involved.

Mars moves into Capricorn on May 3rd and due to his retrograde motion will remain in Capricorn until November 5th.  I have found that when Mars retrogrades life can be hot, impatient and filled with frustration.  I expect to see even more “caution thrown to the winds” by the current administration during this cycle.  The important thing to remember is that Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn.  An exalted Mars can help in building, sports, mental focus and applied action.  This exalted Mars will be involved in the eclipse energy in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.  Rahu, as we know, is in the sign of the people while Ketu is in the sign of authority.  Rahu can bring benefits while Ketu usually takes them away.  It does seem as if the power of the people is going to be stronger during this cycle.  Doesn’t mean it’s going to be fun but the people rising up and demanding change and democracy is in keeping with the basic nature of America.  All we have to do is take care of ourselves, those around us, not give into the fear and do our best to be objective players while keep our hearts open and nervous systems strong.

To work with the Mars energy: physical exercise, good eating habits, laughter, projects which engage, watch for physical inflammation and anger.  Om Hum (hoom) is a bija mantra which offsets anger and closing off the right nostril and breathing in and out of the left nostril will cool down the body and help one control negative reactions.  As always meditation is highly recommended.


4/15 Mercury goes direct.  He will enter the sign of Aries on 5/9.

4/18-9/7 Saturn retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.

3/14-7/11 Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Libra

5/3 Mars enters Capricorn

6/26-8/27 Mars is retrograde

11/5 Mars enters Aquarius