Moon just entered Pisces and will be exactly conjunct the Sun at 3:45 a.m., e.d.t. – which is the moment when the New Moon will be exact.
The New Moon in the sign of hospitals (Pisces) and exactly opposite the sign of health (Virgo) indicates that for the next lunar month the focus will be squarely on Covid 19. The numbers will be higher because testing is “finally” available, though not easily available, to everyone.
The fact that this New Moon is taking place in the health signs can indicate that the people might begin the process of demanding more from the government and will understand that it is up to the people to not allow those like djt to be in charge in the future.
The New Moon is an energy of research and I think we will see the medical researchers focused on ways to handle this via medication. It is also possible that we can see the front lines of health care workers begin to push back against an incompetent government and a large, selfish portion of the population putting us at further risk.
Additionally, Mars just slipped into the sign of Capricorn and is conjunct Saturn. Jupiter will join this pairing on the 25th. I do not expect people to go silently into the night. Saturn the truth bringer has pulled back the curtain on the fools running our government but Mars will demand action be taken.
While we are all self-quarantined the New Moon energy does help us to rest and we should take advantage of this energy because it’s about to get interesting!