Mercury just slipped in Pisces and he will remain in this nebulous sign until April 24. Pisces is opposite the sign of Virgo which is the sign of health but Pisces is the sign of hospitals. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which makes sense as Mercury is the planet of the intellect and the neutral mind (among other things). He is unhappy in emotional, dreamy and altruistic Pisces.
I think that we can expect to see even more lies from the White House along with even more confusion. I also think for the next 3 weeks we will see the biggest burden on hospitals due to the high number of patients, confusion and poor communication. They will make it through because Pisces is the sign of sacrifice and no one can argue that our health care workers are sacrificing much these days.
On a more personal level those who enjoy movies, creativity lazing around will not have problems with sheltering at home. However, for those with weak nervous systems, high energy levels and who are prone to see the world through eyes clouded by emotional negativity this position of Mercury can prove to be problematic.
It is important to breathe consciously, turn off the news, eat less sugar and take the right herbs and medicine for anxiety to protect the nervous system and keep negative thoughts at a minimum. We will probably see the “peak” of this virus in places like NY, WA, CA, LA while others states which have not tested or been in denial of the severity will see the numbers get higher and since these states tend to be the states which ignore science their reaction and local media will most likely be more hyperbole than fact. Just remind yourself that Mercury moves quickly and much of what is being said is more illusion than reality.