In the teachings of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) planetary combinations are called “yogas” because “yoga” means “union” as in union of the body, mind and spirit.  When planets come together in a yoga their unified energy creates a new combination that is different from the qualities of a planet standing alone. In this respect it is like, for instance, flour which has independent qualities but will become something different when combined with other ingredients” which to make a cake batter.

There is a combination known as “Kala Sarpa Yoga” which translates as “serpent of time.”  Kala Sarpa occurs when all of the planets are located between the nodal points known as Rahu and Ketu. The nodal points are the points on the ecliptic path which cause the bi-yearly eclipses of the Sun and Moon.  In western astrology they are known as the north node (Rahu) and the south node (Ketu) and are not given the same level of importance as Jyotish gives to them. Rahu and Ketu, in addition to the somewhat crazy energy of eclipses, are also considered important to the playing out of karma in an individual chart,  These two “upgrahas” – “unseen” points will often indicate talents and qualities brought over from a past life,  they will often indicate the strong influence or dna of a grandparent, losses in life and mental health challenges.   As the points involved in a Kala Sarpa yoga it can indicate that as a “serpent of time” there are important karmas which will play out in a person’s life.  While there will be challenges often involved it can also indicate someone who is here to express specific abilities as in important scientific discoveries or musical compositions.

Since mid-February our planet has been in a Kala Sarpa yoga and this yoga will last until approximately 5/27 when Mercury, still in Gemini, passes the exact degree of Rahu. However, due to Mercury going retrograde on 6/18 he will actually enter the sign of Cancer until 8/17.  The Sun will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on 7/16 at which point we are completely done with Kala Sarpa for a while.

A Kala Sarpa yoga taking place for the entire planet indicates that there are events happening beyond the control of individuals. This is not an infrequent happening and can often tip an election, be responsible for a trend or claim credit for a pandemic.  In 2020 we are dealing with a pandemic which has affected most of our lives on, at least, some level.  Given that Rahu often represents illnesses which are new or of unknown origins and Ketu represents science I suspect that these two have been involved in other pandemics. (I’ve not done the research.)  Both Rahu and Ketu can be significates of formulas I believe that science will come up with some type of formula to alleviate the symptoms and dangers of Covid 19.  I think that a vaccination will take longer than a formula to alleviate the dangers of this virus.

Keeping in mind the deep rooted karmas of this yoga it might not be surprising that Covid 19 became a virus that is out of control.  We have a president who is ruled by the deep and dark recesses of his mind and he chose to ignore the warnings until it was too late.  It is also not a surprise that we have groups of fellow citizens looking to put us all at risk because of their own deeply held and misinformed beliefs in victimization and a deep state.   Ketu and Rahu are not influences of logic or objectivity – they operate in the shadows of our minds or, on a higher level, with the creative aspects of the universal mind.

Anyone who understands the true history of America knows that there has always been a battle between our humanistic ideals and the oligarchy which has looked to rule this country for its own greed and power-laden desires.  Of course, this battle has raged on planet earth for thousands of years but America had the audacity to create itself as an entity which would live by higher ideals. To live in America is to often live in the eye of the storm. 

Covid 19 represents the dirt America has been sweeping under the rug for decades now.  People have bought into the consumerism and work as the reason to live for far too long.  The Kala Sarpa yoga took away the jobs and much of our consumerism to force us to take a deeper look at where we are heading as individuals as well as a society.  We can affect society by acts of kindness, compassion and being active in our political demands for better leadership. 

On a personal level we now, under quarantine, have the time and quiet to look at our own shadows – are we feeling victimized, are we angry or are we so filled with fear that we’ve lost our common sense? Many are in close quarters for 24 hours a day with our “loved” ones.  Are we falling out of love, are we projecting our own issues onto others or are we striving to bring the best ourselves to those we “love?”  These are valid questions which can be looked at, answered and perhaps solved during this time.

It is possible that we will all come out of this wiser and kinder.  For those who are invested in their own self-knowledge and higher consciousness this is a prime time for advancement on that path.  Whatever one’s spiritual beliefs this is a time for surrender to something larger than our individual selves.  The primary remedial for Kala Sarpa is surrender and for those into mantra Siva mantras are recommended.

While this yoga is “completely” finished on July 17th there are times every month when the Moon moves beyond the yoga and on those days it is easier to see more clearly:  4/29-5/11; 5/27-6/7; 6/22-7/5;  The Ascendant changes approximately every 2 hours which gives us “approximately from 12:30pm to 2:30 am when the Ascendant is beyond Kala Sarpa Yoga.