Many astrologers are interested in history and it makes perfect sense for astrologers to look at history through the vision offered by the patterns of the planets.  As we move through these extraordinary times it can be helpful to look for planets dancing to similar music at other times in history.

As we deal with Covid 19 a look back at the Spanish flu pandemic of 1917/1918 seemed like a good place to start.  History does not repeat in a manner which is exactly the same as other times but there are often similarities worth investigating.  What shows up during the time period of the Spanish flu are conjunctions of the slower moving planets as well as the positions of the eclipse points known as Rahu and Ketu.

In Jyotish the study of the luminous planets is considered to be the most relevant especially with regard to a person’s birth or natal chart.  Luminous planets are those which are close enough to our sun to reflect the light of the sun. The Luminous planets end with Saturn which happens to be the slowest moving of the luminous planets as he take approximately 28 years to traverse the entire zodiac.

The nodal points are considered to be non-luminous as are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In Jyotish the eclipse points of Rahu and Ketu are always considered important.  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered in an individual chart if they are in significant patterns within a natal chart.  However, their transits can be very important to the current events of a particular time period. Pluto, the slowest moving of all, is considered a generational marker.  For example, in family charts it is often noticed that when the children have Pluto in different signs there can be a difference in tastes, values and experiences between the children who do not share the same position of Pluto even though they share DNA as well as family dynamics.  The majority of “boomers” had Pluto in the sign of Cancer but around 1959 Pluto moved into Leo and that ushered in the generation which became the “yuppies” and they were  different from “hippies.” The difference in values between these two generations would play a role in many of the shifts that would happen towards the end of the 20th century when “it’s not personal, it’s just business” replaced “give peace a chance.”

Pluto moves both slowly and erratically through the zodiac and is most important when he changes signs and forms conjunctions with other signs.  One of the most important conjunctions is the one made with Saturn.  This conjunction happens 3 times each century.  The first of the Saturn/Pluto conjunctions of the 20th century occurred on 11/1/1914.

The time period 1914 gave us World War 1 as well as the Armenia genocide, the Russian Revolution and the collapse of the Austrian/Hungarian empire.  It was a time of power shifts throughout the world.  Due to retrograde motion Saturn and Pluto would remain in the same sign until 1917.

By 1917 the eclipse points moved into Gemini and Sagittarius which would add another dimension to a world being rocked by changes as by 1917 the world was being besieged by the Spanish Flu which would ultimately kill 50 million people during 1917 and 1918.

The first of the Saturn/Pluto conjunctions of the 21st century was on 1/12/2020 along with the eclipse points being in Gemini/Sagittarius.  While we are not, in my opinion, heading into a world war there are shifts in power happening on a global level along with changes such as Brexit which will mark global life for this generation.    Here in America we are witnessing shifts in our own politics as Speaker Pelosi is showing the leadership we don’t have in the White House. There are efforts o reshape the Supreme Court for decades and nationwide protests taking place in America to push for a take-down of the white supremacist control over our police departments, courts and prison systems.  It is certainly not a time for comfort and ease in the status quo.

Equally relevant is the fact that the eclipse points in the sign of Gemini are the same now as they were during the Spanish Flu of 1917.  Gemini signifies the lungs and as we all know Covid 19 attacks the lungs as did the Spanish Flu. Rahu is known for unexpected and fast-moving actions which explain, in part, the rapid spread of Covid 19.  Rahu is also known for irresponsibility, rebellion against tradition and a strong individual desire nature.  Rahu is a strong influence in Trump’s chart and his refusal to take the reports of Covid 19 seriously along with his disdain for science and his concern for only himself caused what could have been a manageable illness into a flu-blown pandemic.  This pandemic is going to add to the shifts already happening due to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and life will see a new normal once the waters settle.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction affects everyone on the planet as do the eclipse points.  What’s important here is not to give into the fear or the negative projections of the fear-mongering media and opportunistic politicians.  Change is always a part of life and while the eclipses bring sudden events Saturn is always bringing truth to us.  Right now, there are many truths being shown to all of us.  This time represents opportunities for growth, community, compassion and a shift in values.

One of the benefits from being able to look back at history is too see the progress that has been made. Medical science will ensure that 50 million people do not die from Covid 19. While there are strong-men who would like to squash the protests but they are not succeeding in doing that and we will see America open up for business again.  Hopefully, it will re-open with an eye towards greater equality, gratitude and the compassion that many communities are re-discovering during this crisis.

The summer will continue the trend we have experienced so far this year – challenge, change and unrest. There is much talk about a 2nd wave of Covid 19 and I think we will see some of that throughout the summer months.  However, on 9/19 Rahu and Ketu will move out of Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio.  These are better placements for a disease which started out by ravaging the lungs and easily spread through the air.  It is good to know that the worst of the pandemic is most likely behind us.

Politics is a different story and different posting.  Trump is an eclipse birth and when the nodal points move they will move right onto his natal eclipse points.  This election is going to be filled with twists and turns which we will discuss at another time.

In the meantime do not allow yourself to fall into the throes of fear especially during this eclipse season which contains 3 eclipses – 6/5, 6/20 and 7/5.  No, we are not sailing on the smooth waters of a man- made lake but are taking a dip in the waves of the ocean.  Do not think you can control your life but know the power of non-reaction, prayer and historical perspective. Human beings are a race of creative survivors and we will survive this current storm.