The Solar Eclipse will begin around 11:45 p.m., edt and end around 5;31 a.m., edt on June 20 and June 21, 2020.

Eclipses can be times of surprises and heightened emotions along with too much drama.  On a personal level if there are fears and/or issues stored in the subconscious mind eclipses can be a good time to release those emotions and drop some old burdens as plans are made to move forward on our life’s journey.

Because this eclipse is a solar eclipse (Moon and Sun conjunct) physical energy can be lower and it can be important to allow ourselves to take a break and rest.  If there is emotional upheaval try not to attack or blame others instead just sit with it and be gentle with yourself.

This is an interesting eclipse because Mercury is retrograde in Gemini (the sign of the eclipse). This can add confusion to the thought process, miscommunications and patience will be required for dealing with customer service and technical issues.  During every eclipse it can be important to not be gullible and believe whatever is said but this eclipse requires extra vigilance because of the Mercury retrograde. The eclipse is taking place in Gemini the sign of the lungs and I do expect the Covid numbers to rise and I do expect some to lie about those numbers along with others who will believe no precautions are necessary.  It is a good time to be cautious and use common sense.

Mercury is not the only planet in retrograde as Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are retrograding as well.  Retrograding planets are simply closer to earth which is why in some locations all four planets can be seen during the night.

Retrograde planets are slightly stronger at the time of retrograde than at other times.  While the energy of the eclipse adds its own energy which can be confusing the retrogrades are also offering their energies for us at this time.  What is important is that the retrogrades are all “positive” in this cycle.  Saturn is positive because he is in his own sign and slowing down the craziness while favoring truth and common sense.  Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all first rate benefics and I think are offering some planetary protection to this turbulence of this century’s roaring twenties.

One sign of the protection being offered is that the cause of the systemic racism and killing of our fellow Americans because of skin color has managed, at long last, to gain the support and understanding of the majority of Americans.  Given the fact that there was some looting and the press, as usual, made a big deal of it the looters and anarchists did not win the day.  The benefic planets in their strength helped to bring out the higher sides of most of the people.  If, the retrograde planet had been Mars along with a poorly placed retrograde Saturn the situation could easily have devolved into something much more difficult.

On a personal level it can be helpful to remember for the next couple of weeks (final eclipse on 7/5) that the benefics are still supporting us.  As Venus is the ruler of the heart center simply chanting “yam” (yahm) while imagining a deep green light surrounding the heart can calm and elevate us.  Mercury is the ruler of the throat and the nervous system and chanting “ham” (hahm) can be helpful.  Seeing the throat surrounded by an emerald green ligh is helpful as is spending time in nature.  Jupiter is the ruler of the powerful 2nd chakra.  The 2nd chakra rules desires and is an important chakra to the American psyche.  The Buddha taught that desire is the first cause of suffering.  If you find yourself impatient for a desire outcome or for something you can’t have try chanting “vam” (vahm) and seeing the area of the 2nd chakra surrounding in an orange color.  Saturn rules the first chakra and responds to “lam” (lahm) and seeing the color red surround the chakra itself.

These practices are not like “The Secret” and don’t promise you that you’ll get whatever you want but if done sincerely they do promise a more peaceful existence during these turbulent times.