11/13 @8:20 pm Mars will resume forward motion. When a planet “appears” retrograde it’s actually closer to the earth which makes it stronger. It’s always a good thing when Mars loses a bit of strength.

11/15 @ 22 minutes past midnight we will have the exact New Moon which means that all of 11/14 will be New Moonish. This New Moon is in Libra NOT Scorpio. The Sun in Libra is debilitated and Scorpio gets much of the blame for the attributes of a debilitated Sun.

11/15 @ 9:22 pm the Sun moves into Scorpio which is a better placement for the fiery Sun. For some confidence will be better and for most of us the world will seem a bit less out of kilter.

11/16 @ 3:22 pm Venus moves out of Virgo (his sign of debilitation) into Libra his home sign. Relationships can improve and we can experience a bit more balance in our minds.

I am hoping that by Monday djt might concede but the Scorpio Sun is on his birth chart eclipse which means he’s going to be even more erratic. However, I suspect that we the people are going to be feeling just a bit better and the paper tiger will be seen as a paper tiger.

On a personal level this is a good weekend for healing, creativity and simply enjoying a long exhale.