The current eclipses are taking place in Taurus/Scorpio. Both of these signs are known as “fixed” which indicates that those with strong planets in these signs can be inflexible, stubborn, tenacious, loyal and determined. It is up to each individual to chose the qualities they wish utilize as they move through life.

Taurus is a sign that is often stubborn and can tend towards a belief that a filled bank account is the only way to feel secure in life. Scorpio, as the natural ruler of the 8th house, is more concerned with inheritances and debts with regard to money and security.

The eclipses of 11/30 and 12/14 will be the first since the nodal points changed signs from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio. The changing of signs points to the financial fallout that we can all expect from the dumpster fire left by the current administration. We can all simply do our best as the world around us comes back from the Covid pandemic.

These times are best used for personal growth and self-understanding because none of us have the magic wand or personal power to fix the mess individually.

Eclipses happen every six months and are often times of emotional excess, unexpected events, useless gossip and exposure of deceits. Additionally, as one of the chart indicators of karma, we can often experience old emotional patterns, resurgence of grief, cloudy perceptions or challenges that seem to appear all of a sudden.

The nodal points will stay in the axis of two signs for eighteen months and it is during the eclipses that the influence is felt most strongly. It is a good time to pay attention to the mundane challenges which are appearing now (health, relationships, career, etc.) as the eclipses will indicate it is now time to deal with the challenges. Given the magnitude of the mundane challenges it is a good time to pay attention to those random emotions which appear right now as they are pointing towards the importance of understanding and releasing the emotions which are a barrier to the freedom which comes from connecting with the perfection of our own self.

Every celestial event and planet is good for something and in terms of eclipses it is always possible to take a giant leap forward in personal growth. The next fifteen days is good for healing, growing and coming closer to the essence – we just have to observe and do the personal work!