Mars takes approximately 18 months to go through the entire zodiac which means that every 18 months he ends up the sign of Cancer which is the sign of debilitation for the mighty but often grouchy Mars.

The sign before Cancer is Gemini which is where Mars is currently located. The challenge here is that Gemini is a light and airy sign which does not handle the heavy and fiery Mars energy well. Gemini is also the angular 7th house ruler of the United States and the influence of Mars in Gemini is often violence, gossip and very frayed nerves. The media will often give in and lose common sense and can become sloppy in their reporting. Mars takes 6 to 8 weeks to go through each sign and when he hits the Gemini/Cancer constellations life can be filled with unpleasant surprises, anxiety and bubbling anger.

We are now at the beginning of this cycle which will last until he enters Leo on July 19th. Of course, every day will not be awful and we can all take a moment to be glad that Mr. Mars is not going to go retrograde during this time period.

Mars is energy which means this is a good time to physically engage the body. He also, despite his aggressive nature, has a great sense of humor which indicates that funny movies along with outdoor activities are favored at this time. I’m a mantra person because mantra has the ability to override our negative thoughts and soothe the inner beast. Specific to Mars would be Om Hum (hoom), Om Krim (kreem) Kum (koom) Kujaya (koo-jaya) Namah. Breathing through the left nostril will help to cool down the body. Remember to laugh, eat well and remember that this energy will shift by July 19th.