The dates and patterns offered below are based on the Sidereal Zodiac and the positions will differ from those offered by newspapers and magazines.

The interpretations offered are not meant to be an individual or personalized analysis. One’s personal chart may have planetary combinations which will differ from the generic on some days and on other days will personally apply. The value of knowing the general mood of the planets is to understand that others might be feeling the more challenging energy and it is really not necessary to do battle because of someone’s attitude.

February 23/24 The Moon will be in Scorpio the sign of the Moon’s debilitation. Additionally, this Moon will be conjunct Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. The Moon is an indicator of the mind, emotions, and general population. Those who like quiet energy will not mind the energy. But those who like high levels of activity will be disappointed. This can be a tough energy for people who tend towards depression or for those who interact with people who experience the energy in a negative way.

Mars/Venus We are experiencing a close conjunction of Venus and Mars in the sign of Sagittarius which has added to the impulsivity and, in many situations, anger permeating the world at this time. Mars and Venus have much to do with desire, relationship, and creativity. We are living in the Kali Yuga and desires abound especially for those who are ruled primarily by the lower chakras. Those are the people who are reacting with Mars like energy and taking their big trucks to places like Ottawa or their anger to local school board meetings as they try to force their desires onto the world. For people who are working on relationship this can be a positive time and the same can be said for those who are involved in creativity. Laughter is easier as is enjoying food.

2/27-28 This conjunction will move to Capricorn. Both Mars and Venus do well in Capricorn and for many projects and work will move more easily. Saturn is also in Capricorn and will help to focus this energy in a more mature manner.

2/27 The Moon will join in the Capricorn party and will be with Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. The next few days will be a time of choosing our activities and reactions to the world around us. It is on the “dark side of the Moon” which means that we are close to the New Moon. There is usually a lower level of energy during the waning cycle. This low energy can be a blessing during this time. Because Capricorn can be a serious sign and Saturn is in Capricorn it can “feel” heavy. It is a good time for planning as well as doing low energy projects. If your mind starts to feel burdened get some sunlight, meditate, chant, write or choose another activity to allow some lightness into the mind.

Mercury Is in Capricorn and will be in exact conjunction with Saturn on March 3rd. The influence of Saturn can cause feelings of sadness but as Mercury is well-placed in Capricorn the choice can be made to use the energy to take care of business in an objective manner.

Sun/Jupiter Both of these planets are in Aquarius and the exact conjunction will take place on 3/5. This energy offers everyone the opportunity to find the proverbial silver lining and can work to offset the tension of the other planets gathered around Saturn.

New Moon 3/2. This Month’s New Moon will take place in Aquarius and will be buoyed by the presence of Jupiter (Moon and Jupiter are good friends.). New Moon’s are usually lower in energy but also indicate the start of a new cycle which gives us a good time to start or launch new projects. This New Moon is the last one of the winter and will herald the coming of Spring. This year’s spring will be marked by major planetary changes and will covered in the next edition of Cosmic Notes.