The big news of this cycle is:

Rahu/Ketu moving to Aries/Libra on 4/12

Jupiter moving to Pisces on 4/13

Sun moving to Aries on 4/14

For some of us the week might feel unsteady until the planets are firmly positioned in their new constellations. It can help to keep in mind that one of the biggest lessons/challenges of earth life is to remain steady no matter the storms or changes that surround us.

Of course, some of us might feel the on-coming of lighter energy because Jupiter is about to enter his own home sign of Pisces and the Sun is moving into Aries, his sign of exaltation.

The Sun represents the ego, but he also can represent our soul’s light. In these days of the Kali Yuga far too many people believe their identity to be the ego and we should be on guard that the Sun, while happy in Aries, does not guarantee one can avoid emotional decisions based on the ever-present needs of the ego – tools and determination are required to get the best of this position.  The Sun warms and lights our planet and asks nothing in return. Spiritual consciousness knows that our souls are best represented by the warmth of love beyond the needs of the ego’s validation of itself.

Jupiter is happy in Pisces, and it has been almost three years since he has been well-placed in a friendly constellation. Pisces is a sign of spirituality, kindness, creativity, vision, and dreams. Jupiter will support positive results in giving confidence and opportunities to expand our horizons and experience peacefulness within these crazy times. It is a suitable time for to implement plans that may feel as if they have been stalled for far too long.

A quality of Pisces is the belief that dreams can come true. Bringing dreams into mundane reality will usually require practical plans, hard work and opportunity. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and he will tend to expand whatever he influences. The proper usage of Jupiter’s energy should always be accompanied by common sense and less, not more, impulse. During my time of working with Jyotish I have seen more trouble come through the misuse of Jupiter’s energy than even the sometimes-heavy influence of Saturn. A perfect example of the misuse of Jupiter in Pisces would be taking the positive energetic feeling of luck and deciding that a trip to a local casino will warrant gambling away one’s paycheck. The best way to use Pisces is to work on spirit, creativity, kindness, and positive self.

We will continue to be looking at the eclipse cycles now being in Aries/Libra during the next 18 months. At least the stubbornness of Taurus/Scorpio will give way to the flexibility of Aries/Libra.  The first eclipse with be a partial solar eclipse on 4/30.

Moon’s Positions of Note:

4/11 Moon in Cancer opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. Enjoy the calm and focus that is available.

4/12 Moon in Leo will oppose Mars. Some may experience anger from within themselves or from others. When Leo is involved there is always a chance of over emphasizing the ego impulses/desires.  The energy to get things done and still be able to walk, dance or exercise can be present.

4/13,14 Moon still in Leo and now interacting with Venus and Jupiter. The mood can be lighter and more inclined towards optimism and laughter.

4/14 Jupiter moves into Pisces while the Moon moves to Virgo. This in a nice example of planets moving in synchronicity. It is a reminder to use the Pisces energy wisely as the Moon is in Virgo one of the most pragmatic constellations.

4/16 Full Moon between the Libra Moon and Aries Sun. The Full Moon usually brings a higher energy level and since it is taking place in Aries we may begin to feel as if the clouds are finally leaving.

4/17 Moon still in Libra will now oppose Mercury and Rahu in Aries while he conjuncts Ketu in Libra. This energy might bring surprises, but the Moon conjunct Ketu can keep us from over-reacting to events.

*The Full Moon always indicates the peak of one lunar cycle, and it is good to try and complete projects at this time so that plans can begin for the next cycle as the Moon begins its monthly waning cycle.

**Just another reminder that these positions are based on the sidereal positions and will not match those given out by magazines or other sources.

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