We are quickly approaching the first eclipse of 2022.  The solar eclipse will take place on 4/30 followed by the lunar eclipse of May 15/16.  A solar eclipse always takes place during the New Moon phase of the Lunar Month while the lunar eclipse happens during the Full Moon phase. 

This cycle’s eclipses will take place in the signs of Aries/Libra. Aries is a fiery war-like sign while Libra is an airy sign concerned with relationships and diplomacy.  In addition to the horror of Russia’s attack on Ukraine we are also witnessing violence and discord throughout the world as societies begin the emerge from the confines of the Covid pandemic.  It is, at best, an uncomfortable and uncertain time.

Eclipse energy is interesting because it tends to bring out secrets as well as unexpected events.  The energy can often be highly emotional and irrational.  For many people it can bring up fears and some of the more unsavory thoughts/emotions stored in the subconscious mind.  Because of the emotional nature of eclipses, it there is a choice, it can be a good idea to not make final decisions under this energy. Opportunities based on new people and situations that appear under the eclipse energy should be observed and final decisions, if possible, should be withheld until after the eclipse energy has ended.  While there can be positive bursts of creative ideas along with valuable insights into one’s life this energy can also activate delusions and scam artists.  Anything that is positive will stay after the eclipse is done and most will find that fear of the worst outcomes will not manifest.

Jyotish works primarily with the seven “seen” planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. The outer planets are only taken into consideration if they are involved in relationship with the seven visible planets.  I have found that Uranus, Neptune and the “sometimes” planet of Pluto can bring certain characteristics to an entire generation.   

In addition to the many changes that have taken place during this busy month of April Neptune moved into the sign of Pisces on 4/18.  Neptune will stay in Pisces until 2036 and as time passes his influence will not be felt as strongly as right now unless he gets involved in other planetary patterns over the 14 years he stays in Pisces.  In Western astrology Neptune is considered the ruler of Pisces but Vedic astrology considers Jupiter to be the ruler of Pisces.  Both systems agree that Neptune is a creative, outer-worldly influence concerned with music, art, science, and spirituality.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, at this time, portends advanced and spiritual souls being born during this time-period.  For those of us already in our bodies this energy can feel tiring right now but as we get used to the energy it will be matters of consciousness which come to the forefront.  Pisces is a very spiritual influence and Jupiter is, in ancient Vedic teachings, one of the lawmakers of the planetary hierarchy.  Neptune is a spiritual influence as well. Human beings will have an opportunity to step up for one another and to understand our connection to the universe.  Both Neptune and Jupiter, however, can be fooled by the deceptions of intoxication, external beauty, and the false security of the proverbial golden ring. The gift/curse of free-will during the next few years will be evident as we are all given the opportunity to understand the value of kindness and the reality of love.   

Finally, Saturn is moving into Aquarius on 4/29.  Saturn is the only planet which rules adjacent signs as he is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius.  Therefore, Saturn moving into Aquarius is a positive placement and he will be in Aquarius until 10/23 when, due to his retrograde motion, he will slip back into Capricorn.  Saturn is a slow-moving powerhouse of a planet and his movement into Aquarius bodes well for the opportunity to foster universal growth throughout the planet.  Saturn moves slowly and deliberately which indicates that what is changed or built under his energy will be solid and long-lasting.  It is a good indication for success in the projects being started in our own country’s infrastructure.  We will have the opportunity to see some of what we know needs to be changed happen now that Saturn is going to influence the forward-looking sign of Aquarius.

Notes on the Moon

4/25 – Moon in Aquarius conjunct Venus and Mars.  Mercury also moves into Taurus,

4/27 – Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Venus. Venus also moves into Pisces his sign of exaltation.

4/30 – New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries

5/2 – Moon to Taurus (his sign of exaltation) conjunct Mercury.

5/3 – Moon still in Taurus but aspected by Mars

5/9-10 – Moon in Leo opposed by Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius

5/12 – Moon in Virgo in aspect with Jupiter and Venus in Pisces.