There is a full Lunar Eclipse which takes place on Sunday the 15th from 10:27 p.m., to Monday morning at 12:53 a.m., eastern time.  This eclipse will be visible in Africa, Europe, South America, and the eastern part of North America. The eclipse will mostly affect the signs of Aries and Libra but due to the Full Moon on the 16th there will be Taurus/Scorpio energy involved. 

The past 18 months the eclipse energy has been focused in Taurus/Scorpio which are both fixed and stubborn signs.  There tends to be issues of security and sexuality when Taurus and Scorpio are prominent.  Aries/Libra issues involve relationship, individuality, war and, ironically, diplomacy.

Eclipses tend to bring up emotions, deceptions and, at times, personal neurosis.  Often issues of the past will arise during eclipses and since Mercury is also retrograde at this time (until 6/3) do not be surprised if out of nowhere memories arise.  We all have memories and, unfortunately, human beings tend to pay more attention to negative memories than good ones. 

Free will is not just an issue of choosing cake instead of pie for dessert.  It is also a choice between emotional reaction and emotional observation.  The eclipses will work on the emotions and issues stored in our subconscious minds, but we can always choose to observe and learn about ourselves and others rather than deciding to act and react to what, in the end, can be nothing more than a passing energy. While no one is suggesting that a person ignores abuse, illness, or danger it can be worth our time to take a few minutes before we react to someone or something because of the irrational nature of the nodal points. 

As we slowly move on from the pandemic, watch the horror Putin is causing in Ukraine and try to navigate our way through a world which seems to never stop feeling as if it is spinning out of control, we should keep in mind that our feelings during this weekend are most likely more emotional than real. 

We can be sure that with the eclipse points now in Aries and Libra we are going to see more positive changes on the horizon.  It can be a good idea to try and let go of the fears and disappointments of the past two years and look forward to new beginnings. 

It is possible that this weekend presents us all with the chance to leave behind some of the past which does not need to be carried into the future. Perhaps, with some effort, we can uncover the better memories from our past.  There are always good memories interspersed with the hard ones – it is the good memories which can give us both gratitude and a sense of security as we traverse these historic times. 

Those who can see the eclipse are fortunate, but we can all take some time this weekend to feel what needs to be felt while also taking some time to relax and exhale.