Mercury is quickly retrograding to an exact conjunct with the Sun.  The exact conjunction takes place on Saturday, the 21st.  I find that after the “exact” conjunction the energy begins to be less intense.

 When the Sun and Mercury are this close they are considered to be “combust” and it can be a challenge to remain neutral as the fire of one’s individual ego tries to “get theirs.”  Since Mercury appears to be moving backwards sometimes a person can try to undo the past or will focus on blaming someone from the past for their current problems.

 Unless one is in the enviable position of not having to deal with mundane affairs these few days can be more trying than usual.  If you can avoid having to deal with customer service, difficult people or installing new software just take a break.

 It is best to watch out for the nervous system, breathe and most certainly not fall into the trap of playing the role of victim.