Tomorrow morning, May 30 at approximately 6:30 a.m. eastern time, will be the “exact” New Moon.  It will take place in the sign of Taurus and will be the last New Moon of this sad and tumultuous Spring of 2022. 

The New Moon represents the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of the next.  Energy is generally lower at this time of the month, and it can be a time of emotional sadness.  Certainly, the 21st century has not been one of kindness and the recent past has given all of us cause to feel emotions that can be filled with sadness and even hopelessness. 

I was concerned, as the eclipse points changed signs, about the violence that can be associated with the sign of Aries and the world is experiencing great violence at this time.  Often, a significant transit can be unsettling when it first enters a new sign but will settle down once it has been there for a while.  There are other aspects to the sign of Aries which will, hopefully, begin to manifest soon. 

It is a challenge to not feel totally helpless while sitting in a world that appears to have gone mad.  Many donate money, volunteer in some way, get politically involved and/or pray not only to help but also to mitigate feelings of helpless despair. 

I’ve shared this Buddhist technique known as “Tonglen” over the years and still find it worthwhile.  It is a simple technique which both relieves our own suffering, and at the same time, gives us a way to offer compassion for the current human suffering.  It is simple and can be done quickly at a desk, in a car while not driving, waiting on a grocery store line, or sitting for meditation:

                Eyes should be closed.

                Inhale deeply through the nose while consciously feeling your pain.

                Bring the inhale/pain down to the heart center without trying to run from the suffering

                Exhale through the nose with compassion for yourself and everyone else suffering.

Sometimes, the simple things can be profound in their effects.  “Tonglen” is my “go to” release valve. I hope you find a benefit from the technique.

The next post will give more details regarding planetary placements.  Please feel free to forward this blog.  If you are interested in discovering how the new natal placements are affecting your chart we can discuss the new placements in the half-hour session.

All one,