This cycle might be both active and emotional.

There is a Full Moon on 6/14 at 8 a.m., eastern time.  Both the Sun and Moon are in the final degrees of their placements in Taurus/Scorpio.  The Moon is not happy in Scorpio, and we should not be surprised if there are moments of feeling overwhelmed by emotion.  Scorpio emotions can come from a deep place within our subconscious minds. The Moon will move into Sagittarius by 10 a.m., eastern time which can indicate that the most intense emotions can be felt prior to the Full Moon itself. 

The Sun moves into Gemini on 6/15 at 2:57 a.m., eastern time.  Gemini can present an opportunity for communication, but since Gemini is also indicative of the nervous system it is wise to take steps to pay attention to stress and the nervous system.  Because the Moon is in Sagittarius as the Sun moves into Gemini this Full Moon might feel longer than usual. 

Venus has been approaching an exact conjunction with Rahu and the exact degrees of the conjunction will be on June 15th.  This conjunction is partially responsible for the heightened level of violence we are seeing in the world as well as the demand for change.   On a more personal level the closeness of this conjunction right now can cause some of us to feel overly emotional and erratic. There can be unexpected events in our personal lives, and many can feel like they need to take some sort of action.  Because of the nature of Rahu, it is advised that we do not do anything impulsively at this moment in time. On a positive note, creativity and self-understanding are favored.

Venus moves into Taurus on June 18th which will end the conjunction with Rahu.  Venus is at home in Taurus and this placement can indicate a calming down of emotions. For those who’ve been struggling in their personal relationships the movement into Taurus in a positive energy for achieving harmony and/ or resolution.  Between June 18th and August 7th Venus is going to be well-placed.  It’s a positive time for creativity, enjoying music, the beauty of nature and spiritual harmony.  It does not mean that we are leaving these historical times of change and challenge, but it does give us a breath of fresh air and a reminder that life can be good.

The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21st and will be accompanied by a conjunction of the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in Pisces.  The solstices are always powerful on an energetic level. The longest day of 2022 takes place with the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces.  Pisces is an idealistic energy seeped in spirituality, idealism, and creativity.  It’s a good day to find, at least, a few moments of positive focus. 

Significant Moon Days

6/13 – 6/15: Longer, than usual, Full Moon Cycle

6/18: Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.  Try and find some quiet time to relax

6/21-6/22: Conjunct Mars and Jupiter in Pisces. There will be lots of energy available for creativity, enjoyment of music and cooking.  Some can find themselves moving between hopefulness and anger.

6/24: Conjunct Rahu. As always, when Rahu is involved expect the unexpected and try to avoid impulsive decisions.

6/26-6/27: Conjunct Mercury and Venus in Taurus.  The energy can be low due to the waning Moon’s darkness, but this is a positive conjunction which means the low energy can call for a deep exhale and a relaxing break.

6/28: New Moon in Gemini