The French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin stated: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I certainly believe that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I find comfort in that thought while living through the tumultuous times which have, so far, been the hallmark of the 21st century.

Many think of the “soothsaying” aspect of studies like Jyotish, Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical subjects as the point of their purpose.  However, the higher value comes from helping us to understand the spiritual being aspect of a human life.  Jyotish, because of its deep connection to the practices of yoga and ayurveda, can be very helpful in deepening of our understanding of our spiritual selves.  It is good during these times to remember that spirit is stronger than bodies and egos.

Of course, we do have to take care of business on a physical plane and the planets do have a strong influence on time, decisions, and action. The eternal movement of the planets can clarify our reactions to external stimuli and can be helpful for planning the actions which are necessary to nurture our physical bodies and fulfill our human purpose. 

For many people the events of the past few weeks have been shocking and painful.  The fact that the Congress was able to put together a small gun bill which is leaning in the direction of sanity is positive but not enough to stem the violence.  The fact that the Supreme Court chose to take away one of the guardrails of NYS’s gun laws is discouraging but the truth is that it will still take over one year to get a gun license in NY and there are already steps being taken to limit the locations of “open carry” in New York.

This Supreme Court is a nightmare for many of us.  The overturning of Roe v Wade was a shock to many but, in all honesty, once Amy Comey-Barrett was immorally pushed through by McConnell, it was only when, not if, Roe was going to be upended.  As an Astrologer, who is strongly pro-choice, I was pleased at the timing which changed the law. There was a strong conjunction between the Moon and Rahu on that day and nothing indicates change and instability like the Moon and Rahu together.   The Moon is an indicator of the people, women in particular, families and women’s health.  Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, is the king of instability, change and irrational actions.  While I’m not going to predicate where, when, or how I am going to predicate that there is nothing settled about this ruling. One of the biggest surprises may just be the effect that is has on the conservative minority which currently has a grip on America.  Stay tuned.

The next few weeks are going to be very unsettled because Mars has just gained strength by entering his own sign of Aries and he will be in the company of Rahu until August 10th.  Mars is always active, impatient, and aggressive.  Rahu is filled with surprises, strong desires, disruptive emotive behavior and can be prone towards delusion. From now until the 10th of August it may feel as if we are all on boat in choppy waters.  In my opinion, there are going to be some difficult weather patterns, unreasonable people looking to express anger, the Ukraine situation can show an increase in suffering along with other unexpected events.

Saturn is also going to be strong as he continues his retrograde motion in Aquarius and goes back to Capricorn on July 12th.  There is grace in the fact that Saturn is at home in both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn has the worst reputation of all the planets, but he is not the worst influence at all.  Saturn brings patience, wisdom, forbearance, and the ability to achieve major accomplishments.  A strong Saturn is a grounded force and will help with stabilization.  Finally, Saturn can stand up to the forces of the immature Mars as well as the instability of Rahu.  It is very positive that Saturn is strong right now.

In the last blog I wrote about the Buddhist technique of Tonglen and it will be helpful to continue to use that technique.  During these times of change and conflict it is easy to become cynical and close our hearts.  Closing the heart can seem like a protective choice, but nature is in a constant flux, and eventually the energies will shift.  If one has become cynical the ability to enjoy anything will be lost.  The “bija” (seed) sound for the fourth chakra (heart center) is “yam” (yahm – not like the vegetable). Simply chanting Om Yam will keep the heart open and your energy balanced.  The color recommended for the fourth chakra is a beautiful emerald green.  Additionally, Saturn is the ruler of the first chakra and the seed sound for the first chakra is “lam” (lahm). A few minutes of chanting Om Lam can go a long way towards staying grounded and steady.

Dates of Significance:

7/6:                        Moon is conjunct Jupiter which is a positive and upbeat influence

7/8,9:                   Moon conjunct Ketu and opposed Mars and Rahu breathe, chant, laugh and calm.     

7/11:                      Moon opposed Venus presents a lighter day.

7/15:                      Moon conjunct Saturn. A day to appreciate the quiet quality of Saturn as long as you don’t decide to swim in the dark waters of despair.

7/20,21:                Moon conjunct Mars and Rahu.  It might be a good idea to shut off access to media and be determined not to react to people who are running on angry energy.  If possible,              do something positive and relaxing at some point during these two days.