This month’s New Moon is exact on 9/25 at 5:45 p.m., eastern time. It is an interesting New Moon because in addition to the Sun and Moon being exactly conjunct the conjunction is accompanied by Mercury retrograde and Venus which entered Virgo on 9/24 at 11:42 a.m., eastern time.

Virgo can be a complex sign because it is one of the signs of service while also a sign of calculation, retail business and tendency towards focus on details. It is the natural sign of health which can lead natives with strong Virgo placements to work in the health field and the attention to detail is certainly appreciated in those who choose to work within the world of science and health.

The business/retail nature of Virgo can lead some to lead lives constantly focused on their bank balances as well as a determination to protect themselves from people trying to take advantage of them. Sometimes people with strong Virgo in their charts can be nervous and high-strung. In order to outrun their feelings, they will fill their lives with busy errands which satisfies the Virgo rulership of the house of service and work. Because of the qualities of Virgo it is perhaps not a surprise that Virgo rules the digestive system, the intestines, and the colon. Virgos do well with Hatha Yoga which helps balance the body and mind.

This New Moon cycle contains debilitated Venus the planet of higher learning, love, and creativity. Venus is considered, in Vedic mythology, to be the teacher of the “asuras.” The asuras were the demons that, in today’s world, can indicate the ego and the intellectual mind. There can be inherent tension in the world of Virgo. How much service does one offer, how much money is needed to be safe today’s Kali Yuga world and who is taking advantage of what service I offer? It is hard to work through the Virgo energy.

This New Moon is directly impacted by Jupiter, at home in the sign of Pisces, which is a positive energy. Pisces is the natural opposite of Virgo and, generally, is more focused on music, spirit, and offering healing to the world. It offers all of us a respite from the constant accounting of the Virgo mind as we are gently nudged towards trust in our inner selves and the universe if we choose to not put the mundane world first.

In my many years of study I have found that all religions share core beliefs. Every year the Jewish religion celebrates its New Year on the day of September’s New Moon. It would seem very much in keeping with the seasonal cycle of both weather and crops. The ten-day religious celebration ends with the day of atonement known as Yom Kippur. There is a natural synchronicity to the timing if we look at the challenge of the service orientated sign of Virgo versus the acquisitive nature of those Virgos who love a good deal and a balanced checkbook. The silent contemplation of Yom Kippur may have helped the successful farmers share the bounty of a good harvest and approach the very human conflict of generosity and selfishness. Thousands of years later the essential timing of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana is still relevant and represented in the Virgo energy.

Noteworthy Dates:

10/1 – Mercury resumes direct motion energy can feel unstable

9/24-9/26 New Moon in Virgo

9/28 Moon conjunct Ketu in Libra – low energy

9/29,30 Moon in Scorpio opposed by Mars – watch for hot negative energy

10/1-3 Moon in Sagittarius aspected by Mars – high energy but easier than the Scorpio high energy

10/4-5 Moon in Capricorn conjunct – a quieter energy but avoid negative mind

10/8,9 – Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter the energy should feel positive.