Happy Diwali!

As I write this we are on the deep waning side of the Moon which culminates with the Solar Eclipse on 10/25, from 3:58 am to 8:58 am, eastern time. The eclipse will take place in Libra, the sign of politics and relationships.

Libra is a movable and outgoing sign which does not do well with the low energy of an eclipsed New Moon. Rahu in Aries is the polar opposite of Ketu (the node involved in the eclipsed New Moon) and is trying to push back on the traditional nature of Libra. Eclipses have a strange way of highlighting illusions and lies while at the same time exposing those lies and illusions. We do not need to look much further than the delusional belief that the 2020 election was a fraud, which is prominent in this election, to see the energy of the eclipses at work. Rahu presents new opportunities and in the fiery sign of Aries is doing his best to expose the lies and point to a new way of doing business.

On an individual level there can be tension in personal relationships as well as resentment and impossible demands made of partners. This can be the result of a deeper level of subconscious desires and/or unresolved personal issues. If we can’t face truth we seek to blame or change those close to us. Saturn resumed forward motion on the 23rd shortly after midnight. Saturn Is the planet of truth and now that he has resumed forward motions he can indicate a turn towards truth. Rahu in Aries is pointing towards change and maybe a change toward truth might be in the cards.

The good news is that Venus is home in Libra and Jupiter is aspecting Mercury which can bring out the inner peace that Rahu is trying to show us is within. Creativity is favored as is enjoying music and uplifting entertainment along with meditation, prayer, and chanting. There is no better time to clean out the garbage of our subconscious minds than during eclipses. It does not have to be a nightmare of emotion, nor does it have to involve fixing other people. The positive combination of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter is helpful towards a positive outlook and being present with self.

There are always two eclipses based on the New and Full Moon cycle. There will be a Lunar (full Moon) eclipse on 11/8 which happens to be the day of midterm elections. The emotions, lies and fear will be more heightened as we move closer to election day. One thing that the eclipses are known for is surprises and for those who care about democracy we need some surprises for this election.

I’ve gone through past eclipses and elections and the closest I could find to the energy of this election is the election of 1948 which Truman won. It is considered by some to be the biggest upset in American Presidential history. (I’m not sure that trump was not the biggest upset but that is just my opinion.) So sure were the pundits that Truman would lose that the Chicago Tribune printed a headline stating that Dewey had won.

There was, like today, a racial element to this election as well as the Republican desire to undo the labor gains and social security achieved under FDR. Once again, we have the same platform coming from the GOP.

Astrologically, what is similar is that the eclipse points were in the same Aries/Libra axis as they are right now. The Solar eclipse took place 3 days before the election and the Sun/Moon were conjunct Ketu (Ketu can be very restrictive and dark) which most likely made people view politics as failed and the Dewey campaign took advantage of that mood. By the time election day came around the Moon, planet of the people, had moved into Scorpio where he was conjunct Mars in his home sign. The people surprised the pundits and political class and voted for Truman.

I do expect some surprises on the 8th as it is the Lunar eclipse which has more energy. The Moon (the people) is in the fighting sign of Aries conjunct Rahu an element of change. The Libra stellium contains the favorable conjunction of Venus and Mercury, both happy in Libra. It is a youthful chart and indicates the younger voters who can help save, rather than destroy, democracy. If democracy wins there will be outcries, delays and as much trouble as the GOP can cause.

It is hard to be fully confident because our politics is currently very cult-like and far too many people are not accepting facts and are aligned with forces wishing to bring down democracy. Rahu would be one of the strongest influences in attraction towards delusion and cults.

America’s chart has a close conjunction of Rahu with Mercury in the 8th house of corporate finances (stocks, insurance, corporations) and is opposed to Ketu in the 2nd house of money ruled by Capricorn. From the beginning of this country there has been a disconnect between the values of our constitution with its goals of equality and the reality of the immorality of the ruling plutocracy. Rahu can be an insatiable influence and is part of the dynamic of addiction, dishonest media and a population mistaking stories presented in movies as reality.

Mercury is the neutral mind responsible for our objective thoughts. When Mercury is conjunct Rahu it can produce genius and expanded, progressive thought. Certainly, it took this type of energy for a bunch of people in the “new world” to take on the British empire. However, this same energy can bring about a certain level of complex and delusional thoughts. This tendency has left this country’s people open to fantasy as to what is really needed to be a balanced and healthy human being. Rahu in the 8th house is one of the reasons for the wealth of this country being built on the backs of slaves and mining as well as for the strange economic system built upon the stock market and fiat money.

The 8th house is also the house of death, the subconscious mind and universal mystery. In America’s chart the 8th house is ruled by Cancer an emotional sign with a need for security and family. Cancer, being a water sign, seeks emotional happiness but America is a deeply material country. There can be a gap between wanting inner peace and material wealth. From the beginning of this country’s history various cults have tried to fill that gap as the founding Calvinist system taught that the poor were poor because God said so and the rich were simply being rewarded for being godly.

The result has been, at best, strange. The same Jesus who was said to have thrown the money-makers out of the temple is now the force behind our many churches based on “prosperity doctrine.” America is home to Joseph Smith who built an entire religion on the weird belief that Jesus traveled to America and buried golden plates for Mr. Smith to find and interpret.

America is home to the tragedies of Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, Nxivm, etc., and the many cults which abuse children in the name of God. Once eastern philosophies found their way to America it didn’t take too long for those teachings to be sullied by America’s determination to work spiritual truths into justification for making huge amounts of money. It really should not be surprising that we are facing an election in which a large part of the electorate is following the cult-like Trump led MAGA movement.

I cannot be sure that, in my research, I did not miss an election that was held on the exact day of an eclipse but I can be sure that this election is being held on the exact eclipse. There will be definite surprises which I hope are for the best of all of America not just the top 20%.

In addition to surprises eclipses bring about change. America needs a change and hopefully, as Truman was able to secure the safety net, whomever gets elected on the 8th will be guardians of our democracy. If that holds strong the younger generations are ready to take over and move America another step forward to the promises made at our founding. Just as Mercury and Rahu conjunct can cloud judgment it can also be progressive against all odds.