The Winter Solstice is the astronomical New Year.  This year’s solstice is on December 21st and is exact at 4:48 pm, eastern time.  The solstice is the longest night of the year and marks the beginning of the cycle which will slowly lengthen the hours of daylight.  Ancient cultures celebrated the Winter Solstice and today this day is still celebrated by many along with Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Gregorian New Year as marked by the modern calendar. 

We start this astronomical new year with Mars in perigee (retrograde) which means that Mars is closer to the earth than usual. (This cycle repeats in approximately 2-year cycles.) Mars is in the 12th house of the Solstice Chart (Taurus) and is closely opposed by the Moon in the 6th house (Scorpio).  These houses concern, among other things, matters of health and the placements point to the continuation of the high level of viruses we are seeing currently.  We should all take extra precautions as we celebrate the holidays and should not be surprised at the reports of higher levels of Covid and respiratory infections reported after January 1st. 

Last year’s solstice chart had Mars in the 6th house conjunct Ketu (south node of the Moon) and Rahu (north node of the Moon) in the 12th house which also had an emphasis on health matters. Because the nodes were involved we were facing the changes and unbalanced attitudes brought about by the Covid disaster of 2020 and the politicization of vaccines and masks.  The conjunction of Ketu and Mars last year took place in the 12th house of the chart of the USA and without the influence of the Moon the microphone was generally in the hands of the unbalanced (Ketu).   Ketu generally restrains energy and last year’s chart indicated that the fiery energy of Mars was simmering but not boiling at the start of the 2021.

This year Mars, by being in perigee, is powerful and unimpeded by the influence of Ketu.  He is in relationship with the Moon, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun which indicates that the people are going to continue to push back against the ruling elites across the world. 

The 5th house which represents, among other things, children and young people is in this chart occupied by Ketu.  Ketu is an influence of lack and this country has ignored the needs of children for many years while the inequity has continued to grow Ketu is showing just how poorly this nation treats its children.  No society can survive if 20% of the population holds all the wealth. A functional society needs more than trust fund babies, hedge funds and stockholders – at this time even the equalizing force of sports has been hijacked by the 20 percenters as they pay for baseball camps and private coaches to give their own children an extra advantage.  Hedge fund companies should not have the right to put rural hospitals out of business or take over the housing market and then blame their usury on their “responsibility” to their stockholders.  The 80% are going to continue to speak up loudly, push back, and demand changes.  

Mars is going to have an outsize influence for about 8 months (until August) and we will see unrest continue.  Mars is a planet of action which can be fiery and impulsive.  He is also a planet of focus which can keep his eye on the goal.  Most people must work hard to contain the Mars energy.  Those who are strategic and/or athletic in nature have the easiest time with this influence.  For the rest of us it will be important to take time out to rest and laugh while keeping an eye on our digestive and nervous systems.  However, change is a part of life and if can keep our heart open and not overreact to external events we can see some positive changes come into the world.

The chart is not “all” about Mars. Jupiter is happily at home in Pisces which is good for spirituality, morality, kindness, and creativity.  In the 7th house of relationship, we have Venus, Mercury and the Sun conjunct which shows communication in personal, business, and political relationships can be effective.  There is a strong possibility that the craziness of the current political world can begin to move towards a level of sanity again.

On January 17th Saturn will move into the sign of Aquarius.  Saturn is at home in Aquarius and will conjunct the Moon in the US chart.  This energy furthers the continuation of change because Aquarius is the planet of universality, and the Moon is the planet of the people.  The old system must evolve because there are simply far too many people who are being impacted by the current ruling principles of class and unearned money.  However, Saturn is Saturn, and the changes will be hard fought by Mars while Saturn will slow the changes and require determined work by the people because it is his nature to move slowly and thoroughly. The systems that need to evolve are cumbersome and entrenched which Mars might prefer to blow up, but Saturn will make sure there is a system left standing. 

It helps us all to remember that true peace and contentment comes from the connection with the inner-self and divinity.  Fear, anger, or impatience do not serve us but understanding that change is the nature of life and that we oversee our own reaction to change will serve us well. 

Even though the Solstice represents the darkest day of the year the ancients celebrated with joy because they understood every day forward would bring more light.  We are never truly detached from the rest of the universe and can choose to be quietly restful while we wait for the growing light.

Wishing everyone the best during this season of celebration!!!