Happy New Year!

For many of us it may seem as if we are caught in a chapter of “Ground Hog Day” as the transiting planets continue to stay in the signs and motion of the past few weeks. The energy will begin to change soon.

Venus is with Saturn in Capricorn which is a positive and grounded placement for both. 1/8 and 1/9 will feature the Moon in Cancer which puts the Moon in relationship with both Venus and Saturn. There is a calmness to the energy which can gives us a restful day after the busyness of the holiday. On Monday, the 9th, the Moon is closer to the degrees of Saturn, and for some the restfulness might feel like low-energy or a reluctant return to work.  Try to appreciate the lower energy.

1/10 and 1/11 the Moon moves into Leo and Mars will aspect the Moon.  Leo is a fiery planet with a strong emphasis on the individual ego.  These two days can lack harmony and some people can be impatient and demanding. 

1/12 and 1/13 the Moon will be in Virgo which is a more rational placement if one does not allow worry and compulsive thoughts to rule the days.  Jupiter from the sign of Pisces will aspect the Moon which is a positive and creative influence.

1/14, 1/15 and 1/16 the Moon will move (late in the afternoon of the 14th) into the sign of Libra. The Moon will be in conjunction with Ketu (South Node of the Moon) which is good for introspection and detachment.  Partnerships may experience a time of quiet and a lack of communication.  This can be good for relationships unless one prefers chatter over silence or insists on focusing on partnership issues.

1/17, 1/18 the Moon will be in Scorpio – his sign of debilitation.  The emotional tendency towards dark thoughts can be a feature of the Moon being in Scorpio.  Mars will be aspecting the Scorpio Moon and it is a good time to remember that we all can control our thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

1/19, 1/20 the Moon is in Sagittarius which is a better placement for the Moon.  He will be accompanied by Mercury who is now moving in a forward motion.  Thoughts will be more positive, but Mars will be aspecting both the Moon and Mercury which can indicate the need for patience with the implementation of the positive plans and thoughts.

1/20 the New Moon in Capricorn.  This is the first New Moon in a few months that has not been affected by Mars.  Even Saturn has moved to Aquarius (see below) which means it is an unimpeded New Moon.  The New Moon is the first day of the next lunar cycle and is good for “starting” new projects and plans. Enjoy this New Moon and though the world is still the world this lunar cycle can represent a pragmatic approach as well as a time to enjoy a deep exhale.

1/13 Mars finishes his perigee (retrograde) in the sign of Taurus.  This indicates that he is beginning to not be as close to the planet earth as he has been.

1/15 the Sun moves in Capricorn and away from the glance of Mars.

1/17 Mercury finishes the perigee in the sign of Sagittarius. He will be at the 14th degree of Sagittarius and Mars will be at 14 degrees of Taurus during their interaction with one another. It can feel like an unstable day, and one wants to be aware and patient during this time period.  Mercury is the last of the planets to be affected directly by Mars and while he does not move into Capricorn until 2/7 he begins to outpace Mars by the 1/22 at which point the energy will begin to lessen.

1/17 Saturn moves in Aquarius which is the 2nd home sign of Saturn.  Unlike Capricorn Aquarius is not a banking sign which favors the traditional.  Aquarius is a sign of universal humanity and is also the sign which contains the Moon in the natal chart of America.  For those who favor the status quo this might not be the best omen because the people have been left with no choice but to push back against the failing housing market, unaffordable education and ever-growing trust funders who honestly act as if they’ve earned their privileges.  It is going to be an interesting 2.5 years and I will be looking at this Saturn placement in future writings. 

It is always best to live in the present and, at the very least, we can all take a moment to appreciate Mars not being the predominant influence and that we do live in interesting times.