For many of us it can feel as if 2022 did not skip a beat once 2023 started. For some, it feels like they are living through a very bad episode of “Ground Hog Day.” It is not any easy time, on a personal level, for some and for those who have the compassion to care about humanity these can be difficult days. We are all living through historic times, and it can feel like eggs keep getting cracked. Will it ever be time for the omelet?

I am giving a “you survived” shout-out to all of those who have prominent Taurus or Scorpio in their charts. Mars parked himself in the sign of Taurus in August of 2022 and, except for a brief time between October and November, has stubbornly stayed in the sign of Taurus. While Leo and Sagittarius have also been affected by this Mars placement they are fire signs and were not as strongly impacted as Taurus and Scorpio. Mars will leave the sign of Taurus on March 15th!

Mars generally spends approximately six to eight weeks in a sign but, like a rude relative who visits occasionally, he will overstay his welcome approximately every two years. Both Taurus and Scorpio are stubborn constellations which do not always do well when a strong and fiery planet seems to take over their lives. Scorpio is Mars ruled but, being a water sign, it does not react like the quick fire of the other Mars ruled sign, Aries. For those with Scorpio the challenge presented by Mars could have seemed like they were trapped in a boiling pot of water and some, rather than swimming up, choose to thrash around cursing the gods and looking for someone or something to blame or attack. Venus ruled Taurus, while strong enough to bear the energy of Mars, could have easily been thrown off their game by the fiery and impetus Mars. We are less than four weeks away from Mars moving on and I suggest all of those with Scorpio and Taurus strongly placed in their charts take a moment to see how far up the mountain they have climbed. Perhaps rather than getting annoyed by what might still feel like a tiring marathon race, they can take a moment for a self-given pat on the back because they are close to the finish line.

The planets are always moving and there is a layered nuance to the cosmic dance. In addition to Mars parking himself for so long in one sign we also have the placement of the current nodal points in Aries and Libra. Aries is ruled by Mars and has been occupied by Rahu (north node of the Moon). There can be delusional thoughts when Rahu is strong and right now too many people seem to have lost their balance in a very Mars-like manner. The war in Ukraine is one glaring example of the delusion of the eclipses as Putin has planets greatly affected by the current eclipse patterns. Rahu is also a carrier of surprises and I think that much of the world has been surprised by Ukraine.

Mars will be in Gemini from 3/15 to 5/9. Gemini is the sign of the nervous system and his presence there along with the stress already present from his long-term station in Taurus will draw attention to the nervous system for many people. It is good to pay attention to breath work, relaxation techniques and herbs/foods known to strengthen the nervous system. Taurus and Scorpio are strong signs which can withstand pressure but often the ability to withstand the pressure comes from being able to repress emotions and anger. Mars in Gemini can bring the stress to the forefront. Paying attention to our nervous systems once Mars enters Gemini is a healthy action to take.

While Mars has been a bad guest taking up much of the attention there are other players at the party. Currently, we are experiencing a positive conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces and Venus is exalted in Pisces. It’s almost as if the universe is begging us to find care and compassion for others in the midst of all of the turmoil.

Venus and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct on 3/2 and will be enjoying each other’s company until Venus moves into Aries on 3/11. On 3/15 the Sun will move into Pisces which is a good sign for the Sun and he does well in the company of Jupiter. On 3/16 Mercury moves into Pisces which is not the best placement for Mercury. Mercury likes facts, numbers, and intellectual thought. Pisces is creative, dreamy, spiritual and idealistic which can sometimes cause Mercury to feel a bit overwhelmed. However, with Venus now in Aries and the energetic Sun in Pisces this is a good cycle for creative outlets. Some may find that they’ve been germinating creative ideas through this time of fiery change and the configurations for the month of March will help in bringing out the creativity that has been lurking in the background of our minds.

Once Mars moves the pressure will be on those with Gemini and Sagittarius as well as Virgo and Capricorn. However, no matter what it feels like it will not compare to the much too long stay in Taurus. It is time for an exhale, some healing and creative expression.

The historic nature of these times will continue but we can anticipate some movement as we approach the Spring Equinox. It is important to remember that the world is always changing and that evolving can be difficult but that we always have the freedom to choose our reactions.