The Autumn Equinox marks the beginning of the Autumn season in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the Spring season in the southern hemisphere. In theory, the hours of day and night are said to be equal. However, as with so much in life, there are variations, and some locations will have 12 hours plus a few minutes of daylight, while others will have 12 hours minus a few minutes. We human beings would really prefer equal measurements and a bit more stability in life. What we get is unevenness and change. “As above so below.”

For those who enjoy the changing of the seasons it is nice to know that we are moving into a new season. Because the Sun is either at its highest or lowest point depending on the hemisphere there is an uptick in the energy we are all experiencing.

This year we are also moving into eclipse season. I find that we begin to feel the unsteady emotions of the eclipses approximately 1 month before the actual eclipses. This cycle, the Solar Eclipse (Sun and Moon in same sign) occurs on October 14th at 3:30 pm, eastern time. The eclipse itself will take place in the sign of Virgo and will be conjunct Mercury in his own sign. The solar eclipse is generally lower in energy and given that Mercury is well placed it is a good time to rest the nervous system and to start new routines for better health on all levels. The Sun and Moon conjunct is always the 1st day of the new lunar month and is a good time to initiate new beginnings and endeavors. Keep in mind that even though Mercury, the planet of objective thinking, is well placed it is still an eclipse so try to keep the plans realistic and manageable.

The Lunar Eclipse falls on October 28th at approximately 4:00 pm, eastern time. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is full which indicates it is in the opposite sign from the Sun. The Lunar Eclipse will take place in the signs of Aries and Libra. (It is the last eclipse for the next nine years in the signs of Aries and Libra.) This is the eclipse that we want to be prepared for in terms of emotions and reactions. The Sun is with Mars and Mercury in Libra along with Ketu. Ketu is the south node of the Moon and can be considered an influence of denial. While it is only a temporary energy it is with Mars and Mars does not take denial lightly nor is he patient. On the other side will be Jupiter conjunct the Moon and Rahu in the sign of Aries. This energy is positive, and creativity can be high which indicates that if we don’t focus on the impatience we should be able to maintain a positive attitude.

The truth of the matter is that many of us are just tired of the chaos, selfishness and anger which seems to be the overriding mood of 2023. Sometimes, it feels as if going to the supermarket can be filled with tension simply because of anger that permeates the world right now.

Fortunately, this will be the last eclipse in the sign of Aries for a while. Aries is the 1st sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars. The energy of Aries can be immature, impulsive, aggressive and will often bring higher levels of war, accidents, and violence to society. Mars also rules the blood and infections which can bring issues of inflammation in the body along with an increase in accidents and injuries.

On October 31st the nodal signs will change to Pisces and Virgo. Pisces is a calm, creative and spiritual sign. Virgo is methodical, health-conscious, with a belief in fairness and organization. While it is always important to remember that life on planet earth is a challenge and that we are currently living through a time of epoch change, at least, we can look forward to a lessening of the anger and immaturity of the current moment.