On Saturday, 10/28, there will be a lunar eclipse starting at 2:01 p.m., EDT and ending at 6:26, p.m, EDT.This will be the last eclipse in the Aries/Libra constellation axis. The past 18 months have seen Aries and Libra hosting the nodal points (Rahu and Ketu) and this has been a big challenge as Aries has reared its war-like nature. Aries contained Rahu, the north node, who leads with impulsiveness and very little forethought. Ketu is the South Node and has been present in Libra. Libra is the sign of diplomacy and relationships while Ketu is an influence of denial. Certainly, we can see from the wars around us, that diplomacy has had a difficult time in the past 18 months. On a more personal level there has been loss of relationships as well.

Fortunately, by November 1st, the nodal points will be moving into Pisces/Virgo and cooler heads may prevail. Often what is started under an eclipse ends quickly or unexpectedly. It is my hope and prayer that we see a quicker ending to the insanity of the current wars.

This can be a week of viewing life through the prism of deep emotions. Most human beings are tired and discouraged which can indicate that it is time for a break from emotions and fear based thoughts. It is a week to not worry about decisions and to nurture ourselves even if that means just eating an extra piece of cake. We don’t need to fix anything or examine each emotion just find moments of joy and relaxation and welcome the new energies coming our way.