By now we all know the drill. Take care of the nervous system, breathe, practice Tong Lin, exercise and keep in mind that sometimes human free will comes down to having the mental strength to simply not react to the craziness of the mundane world.

Rahu has had a strong influence over the planet for a few months now as his position in Pisces eclipsed the Sun and the Moon. The space (constellation of Pisces) was shared with Rahu by the Sun, Moon, Mercury (retrograding for a time), Venus and Mars. We all do better when Rahu is alone in a constellation and once Mars moves into Aries on 6/1 and the Moon on 6/2 – Rahu will finally be alone in the sign of Pisces and we can exhale. Of course, we are still living through times of change and upheaval but the planets moving away from Rahu will calm down the generalized craziness.

This weekend (5/18,19) can be tense because the conjunction between Rahu and Mars is exact – try to not go into emotional overdrive and, keep in mind that Rahu is the king of exaggeration. It is best to not plan too much and give yourself permission to not fill your schedule with responsibilities. 5/23 and 5/24 the Moon will be in Scorpio (full on the 23rd) – there could be a need to just release some emotions. 5/25 the Moon moves into Sagittarius and the intensity will begin to lift.

5/19 Venus moves into his home sign of Taurus. This indicates that music, sacred teachings, and meditative peacefulness is possible. Venus will be in Taurus until 6/11 which gives us time to enjoy the positive placement of Venus. Venus rules the 4th chakra which indicates that Tong Lin and other breath work focusing on the heart will be beneficial.

5/30 the Moon will be conjunct Saturn which is a contemplative and quiet energy – it gives an opportunity for us to understand and then leave behind the tumultuous energy of Rahu’s transit strength for such a long time. 6/1 Mars moves into Aries which is one of his happy places. The Moon will be in Pisces with Rahu on 5/31 and 6/1 and this is our chance to observe what has changed and how we’ve grown under the past few months. On 6/2 the Moon enters Aries, and we can begin to move forward into a new energetic cycle.