Cosmic Notes 5/29/22

  Tomorrow morning, May 30 at approximately 6:30 a.m. eastern time, will be the “exact” New Moon.  It will take place in the sign of Taurus and will

Mercury Combust

  Mercury is quickly retrograding to an exact conjunct with the Sun.  The exact conjunction takes place on Saturday, the 21st.  I find that after the "exact" conjunction

Cosmic Notes 5/13/22

  There is a full Lunar Eclipse which takes place on Sunday the 15th from 10:27 p.m., to Monday morning at 12:53 a.m., eastern time.  This eclipse will

Cosmic Notes 4/25/22

  We are quickly approaching the first eclipse of 2022.  The solar eclipse will take place on 4/30 followed by the lunar eclipse of May 15/16.  A solar

Cosmic Notes 4/11/22

The big news of this cycle is: Rahu/Ketu moving to Aries/Libra on 4/12 Jupiter moving to Pisces on 4/13 Sun moving to Aries on 4/14 For some of

Cosmic Notes 3/28/22

People who have been working with me or reading my blogs know that I often speak of the nodal points known as “Rahu and Ketu.” The nodal


  3/6/2022 Mercury entered the sign of Aquarius which is a very friendly placement for Mercury.  Even better is the fact that Mercury is no longer being affected

Cosmic Notes

The dates and patterns offered below are based on the Sidereal Zodiac and the positions will differ from those offered by newspapers and magazines.The interpretations offered are not


Mars takes approximately 18 months to go through the entire zodiac which means that every 18 months he ends up the sign of Cancer which is the sign

Sun in Pisces

Early this morning the Sun moved into Pisces which is the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. The Sun is considered, in terms of energetic strength, to be

Mars and Rahu

Mars is now moving closer to Rahu in Taurus. Expect the unexpected for the rest of the month of March.   Expect the unexpected for the rest of the

A Rare New Moon

Thursday, February 11th at 2:17 p.m. eastern time, will be the exact New Moon for the month of February. Many of us are feeling the intensity of this

Happy Solstice!!!!

Across the world we have a few New Year celebrations that differ from the January 1st Gregorian New Year.  The first is celebrated by the Jewish faith in

December 9, 2020

Mars/Moon opposition (Pisces/Virgo) for the rest of the day. Sun conjunct Ketu in Scorpio until 12/15 along with the approaching solar Scorpio/Taurus eclipse on 12/14. These are intense

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